Women’s History Month: A black perspective.

From March 1 to March 31 the United States celebrates women’s history. We take the time to commemorate outstanding women who etched pivotal moments in history. It was women who pioneered efforts to be seen, recognized, and praised for all they were as women; independent of children or men. Just as women. This month, the Black STEM Coalition will also take the time to acknowledge the women of yesterday who have made the path for the women of today. We will highlight stories of grit, endurance, and hope. We will celebrate the feminist, the non-feminists, the binary and the non-binary, the young and the old. This month is not about whether we agree about how women live their lives or the issues they desire to fight for. It is about celebrating them in their purest form. It is about recognizing them as legitimate, intelligent, and inspirational members of society. It is about learning about them and advocating for them. It is a month to celebrate the women.

From a black perspective.

It’s an indisputable fact that black women of the 21st century carry a different kind of history that holds a different kind of baggage and needs a different kind of healing. Women’s history from a black perspective is eerily silent in the social media circulated in the present day. The question is not about who to cast blame for underrepresenting black-female success stories. The question is from whose story do we begin?

In the following weeks, Black STEM Coalition aims to collect narratives of grit, endurance, and hope and present them to readers curious for stories lost and forgotten. We aim to be a part of the effort to re-rediscover black excellence for women’s history. We also aim to highlight the regular, the mediocre, and the average because they too are an important part of black women’s history. Regardless of one’s identity, black women’s history is a part of human history and in that, we are all connected.

Happy Women’s History Month!

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