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Women’s History Month: Marie Maynard Daly

The diversity we see in higher education today started from a person who dared to believe. It started with the understanding that no one is a monopoly of knowledge. Black females today in the fields of STEM should take a moment to reflect on where it began. Who dared to say “I will enter thatContinue reading “Women’s History Month: Marie Maynard Daly”

Black History Month Celebration: Influential Figures Throughout History (IV)

Mae Jemison Image obtained from Encyclopedia Britannica As the first African American woman to travel into space, doctor and engineer Mae Jemison is the epitome of maximizing one’s intellect regardless of societal limitations. Mae Carol Jemison was the daughter of an elementary school teacher (mother) and maintenance supervisor (father.) Inspired by Nichelle Nichols’s performance asContinue reading “Black History Month Celebration: Influential Figures Throughout History (IV)”

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